Women in International Security – Horn of Africa (WIIS-HoA), is an organization dedicated to advancing gender, peace, and security initiatives. Grounded in our core values of respect, teamwork, passion, purpose, and transparency, we have consistently made a profound and enduring impact through our work.

At WIIS-HoA, we are not merely breaking barriers; we are constructing bridges toward a more inclusive and resilient world. Our vision is a future where everyone plays a pivotal role in shaping lasting peace.

Join us on this transformative journey as we work towards a world where equality, peace, and security seamlessly intertwine. In the spirit of innovation, we continually strive to redefine and elevate our approach. We believe that innovation is the key to unlocking new possibilities and addressing the evolving challenges in our world today. Through cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking initiatives, we aim to create meaningful change and pave the way for a brighter future.

Throughout our history at WIIS-HoA, we have demonstrated a proven track record of engaging women in peace and security, collaborating closely with grassroots movements through our “Sisters without borders” platform.

Today, we continue to work alongside diverse stakeholders, leading initiatives that extend beyond our traditional scope, such as building resilience in the face of climate change. Recognizing the urgency of environmental challenges, we integrate climate resilience into our projects. By fostering innovative solutions and sustainable practices, we contribute to building communities that can withstand the impacts of climate change.

We are excited to embark on new ventures focusing on health security. Recognizing the interdependence of health and overall security, we are dedicated to addressing health challenges as integral components of our mission. By venturing into health security, with a special focus on mental health, we aim to enhance the wellbeing of communities and contribute to a more secure and resilient society.

Our continued focus on resilience in leadership and capacity-building empowers communities to navigate challenges in peace and security. As we forge ahead, we remain steadfast on this path, dedicated to building a future of enduring stability.

Welcome to our community, where commitment, collaboration, and empowerment converge for a brighter tomorrow.

President – WIIS-HoA