About Us

Women in International Security – Horn of Africa (WIIS-HoA), is a not for profit organization headquartered in Kenya. WIIS-HoA is an organization leadership, professional development and advocate for human security approaches to peace and security issues.In the recent years, the international and regional community have recognized the important contributions of women in peace and security, making commitments to further enhance women’s roles in all aspects of peace building, peace making and peace strategies


WIIS-HoA is dedicated to advancing peace, security, and human rights in the Horn of Africa region by empowering women to assume leadership roles, fostering their professional development, and advocating for human security approaches. Our mission is to actively promote the meaningful participation of women in all aspects of peace building, peace making, and peace strategies.

Our vision is a Horn of Africa region where peace, security, and human rights are prioritized and strengthened through the active involvement of women. We aspire to be a driving force in shaping a future where women leaders are at the forefront of efforts to resolve conflicts, build sustainable peace, and promote human security. WIIS-HoA envisions a society where gender equality is not only a recognized principle but also a lived reality.

1. Respect - Treat others with dignity and empathy - Seek diversity of backgrounds approaches and ideas
2. Teamwork - Commit to well being and success of teammate - Build and invest in trust with those we work with and serve
3. Passion and purpose - Approach our work with energy and persistence to achieve our mission - Foster a unified sense of purpose
4. Transparency and accountability - Deal with integrity and use of resources wisely


Networking For Peace And Security

We build networks to support efforts for sustained peace through advancing advocacy towards human security and peace building in the region.

Sustainable Peace Strengthens Security Of HoA

Widespread violence displaces populations and threatens the stability and economic growth of the nations in the Horn of Africa. Focusing on priority contexts, we address the contagious effects of violence through a gender lens and help strengthen initiatives especially by women supporting peace building and human security.

Innovation , Learning And Knowledge Sharing

We incorporate lessons learned, address challenges, share good practices, experiences and resources to help further build on the mission of the organization

Partnering and Enhancing Collaboration

Working with partners is essential for wider impact and enduring results. We build partnerships and sustained collaboration with government, academia, civil society, private sector both at the national, regional and internationally level.